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These private sessions include:

Working with intuition and consciousness power tracking (to get to the core) and identifying the root cause of any issue across TimeSpace to heal it for all time; scanning; energy healing and energy medicine; clearing, cleansing and balancing chakras and the Aura;, energetic protection from bad medicine and healing it; journey work and ceremonies to obtain information from different worlds and dimensions; healing both conscious and non-conscious issues, and even heal what you don’t know; healing the past, present, and the future; Astral Projection; Akashic Record reading; and more

This type of traditional healing is transformational. It re-organizes patterns for greater potential. Also shifts from unresourceful patterns to resourceful ones. It restructures how you think, behave and live. Connects you to your strengths and abilities.

Space Clearings are also available. 


Does not diagnose or prescribe any medical or psychological conditions .

Certified by Pete Bernard, Algonquin Medicine Man, Midewin, in recognition of having received the Medicine Rites and 320 hours of training for the “Professional 2- year Shamanism (Medicine Work) Training program “Earning the Light”.