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Iridology - Benefits & Capabilities

Benefits of Iridology Examinations

Will determine your health level.

Will tell you what your inherited strengths and weaknesses are.

Learn how to strengthen those weaknesses.

Non-Invasive, low cost and accurate.

Stop disease and illness before it starts.

Read Wendy Armstrong's Iridology Thesis.


  • Will show where inflammation is present and which organs are affected as well as the stages of tissue inflammation & activity.
  • Body Activity Levels. Will show if any part of your body is over active or under active.
  • Problem Spotting. Will show where problems are occurring in your body.
  • Can reveal the primary nutritional needs of the body.
  • Can reveal relative amounts of congestion and toxic settlements in organs, glands and tissues.
  • Will show the results of physical or mental fatigue or stress on the body.
  • Will show condition of all the organs, tissues, systems and the bowel.