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Hypnosis - Smoking Cessation

How does Hypnosis help with Smoking Cessation?
Hypnosis is a very helpful tool for Smoking Cessation. This is done through suggestions that your subconscious mind responds to in a positive way to make the changes you desire. The Subconscious is the part of your mind that controls the habit, something like how a CPU stores the computer programs responsible for its function.

Why become a non-smoker? Consider the following potential benefits :
  • Improved health. Lower risk for smoking related illnesses and diseases like high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease and stroke.
  • Feel more energetic and vital.
  • Breathe easier.
  • Get the monkey off your back. Free yourself from the addictive habit of smoking and the addictive substance of nicotine.
  • Did you know that the Ontario taxes on cigarettes are going up again effective 2017? How much money are you burning?
  • Would you like to reduce wrinkles? Smoking robs skin's elasticity. A study in the American Journal of Public Health in 1995 said the faces of 20-a-day smokers aged by 14 years for every 10 years of smoking.
  • Get rid of the smells from your clothing, your breath and your space.
  • Have whiter teeth, a cleaner mouth and fingers, and fresher breath.
  • Go to any restaurant (or public place) and sit anywhere you wish. No more freezing your buns off smoking outside in Canadian winters!
  • Enjoy the rich taste of foods again.
  • Experience less tension and stresses.
  • Feel able to cope more calmly in intense situations.
  • Feel FREE!