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Hypnosis - Weight Control

Hypnosis can help with your weight loss goal. Hypnosis helps to speed up the change.

It also ...

  • Assists in releasing inner blocks to weight loss
  • Encourages new attitudes towards health and exercise
  • Assists in creating new body image
  • Encourages weight maintenance
  • Programming script is designed to suit the individual's unique situation
  • Information is provided on the biochemical and physiological means to lose weight and keep it off without the use of fad diets

Lose Weight, Take Control…

In session, you will receive help with your physical hunger and mental appetite, your willpower and your lifestyle, to mention a few. Hypnosis is neither a “quick fix” nor a “magic pill”. You still have to participate by choosing healthy foods that support your weight loss goals, drinking plenty of water, and exercising. Your commitment will be supported and strengthened during your hypnotic sessions.

The focus of the program is behaviour adjustment with a slow steady reduction in weight, as opposed to the usual diet programs that encourage yo-yo results.

Why diets don't work…

No amount of will power exerted by the conscious mind can override the subconscious mind for any extended period of time. Diets tend to be used as a temporary measure that will be discarded once the magic number displays on the scale, until the will power fails, or a celebratory season arrives.

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