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Reiki - Private Treatments

“I feel lighter. My grief is less. I feel more joy ... I just feel happier,” claimed a surprised Samantha after her first reiki treatment.
* results may vary


Reiki treatments are very relaxing. The recipient lays fully clothed on a body works table while listening to soothing music.

A full Reiki treatment takes about an hour although some people require more time.

The Wellness Centre is located in Ottawa.

* The Best in Ottawa named The Wellness Centre as one of the Best Reiki Services in Ottawa!

Recommended Reading
  • Essential Reiki by Diane Stein
  • Empowerment Through Reiki by Paula Horan
  • Reiki Fire by Frank Arjava Petter;
  • Reiki-The Legacy of Dr. Usui by Frank Arjava Petter;
  • Reiki Healing by Muller and Gunther.