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Tips & Ideas

Want to lose weight and change your eating habits to improve your image and your self-esteem?

We can feel overwhelmed by the failure of our willpower in keeping us on track with a weight loss goal. Starvation is not required to achieve weight loss, in fact, it triggers the body to believe it is starving and causes it to hold onto calories and fats.
Here are some simple steps
to help you on your way:
Cut way way back on sugars (including sugary beverages) and simple starches. Read labels and you may find your food choice has more sugar in it that you thought.
Eat a lean protein serving with every meal. Eat a high protein breakfast. Protein takes longer to metabolize therefore providing feelings of satiety for longer periods.
Eat more low-carb, low Glycemic Index fresh veggies. We need the minerals, nutrients and fibre.
Eat slowly, taking smaller morsels into your mouth and chewing each morsel thoroughly. You’ll clearly get the “full” or “satisfied” feeling.
Eat at least 3 well balanced meals a day. (protein, healthy low-carbs, small portion of healthy fat.