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Shamanism - Ancient Healing Tradition, the original Medicine work

Why Use Shamanism?

You are much more, much greater, than the experiences that are holding you back, draining your energy and stifling your potential. Shamanism practice works to help identify and heal the root cause of core issues; helps restore parts of yourself you feel you lost or can’t access; helps integrate your misplaced energy & power; soul retrieval; helps heal self-sabotage, self-damage; helps restore your power; and helps shift un-resourceful patterns to resourceful ones, connecting you to your strengths and abilities; and helps you find solutions, and so much more.

How can I benefit from Shamanistic healing?

How would it feel if you had access to your own full power?

How would it feel to be on track with who you can fully be?

Live the life you were meant to live

Understand your unhelpful patterns to change them to help you find good direction

Meet your Spirit Guides, your Higher Self, your Animal Totems

Learn your purpose

Discover your destiny

Find and address traumas that affect the spirit

Clear the space in your home or work place

*Does not diagnose or prescribe any medical or psychological conditions.

Certified by Pete Bernard, Algonquin Medicine Man, Midewin, in recognition of having received the Medicine Rites and 320 hours of training for the “Professional 2- year Shamanism (Medicine Work) Training program “Earning the Light”.


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